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UFC Live 6 Results: Dominick Cruz Vs. Demetrious Johnson Round 1

UFC Live 6 Results: Dominick Cruz faces Demetrious Johnson with the UFC bantamweight title on the line. MMA Nation will be posting round-by-round updates as the fight continues. Cruz comes out to AC/DC's "Hell's Bells." They don't touch gloves at the face off.

Play-by-play Round 1 Cruz scores first and second. Johnson misses but presses forward. Johnson charging behind a punch. Johnson shoots in, Cruz stuffs it and lands some punches. Cruz hip tosses Johnson. Cruz on top. Cruz trying to pass to side control. Gets it done. Johnson on his back. Johnson trying to hip escape. Nothing doing. Johnson sits up and scoots back against the cage. Cruz trying to drag him back down. Johnson stands up. Johnson pushing forward. Cruz takes him down off a kick. Cruz gets to side control. Cruz tries to take his back, Johnson stands up. Johnson lands a hook. Johnson takes him down. Cruz hops right back up. Cruz with a duck under, escapes. Johnson lands on the break. Johnson forces a clinch with a single leg attempt. Johnson lands a knee to the body on the break. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for Johnson.