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UFC Live 6 Results: Stefan Struve Taps Pat Barry With Triangle Choke

UFC Live 6 Results: heavyweights Stefan Struve and Pat Barry meet in a main card bout of the Versus broadcast of UFC Live 6: Cruz vs. Johnson.

Play-by-play Round 1 Barry stalking forward. Struve lands a body kick. Barry with an inside leg kick. Another. Jab from Struve. Barry with another leg kick. High kick from Struve. Struve landing punches on the inside. Barry reaching with a punch. Front kick from Barry. Leg kick from Barry. Kick and punch from Struve. Barry pushing forward behind double jabs. Body punch by Barry. High kick by Barry. Knee from Struve. Front kick from Struve. High kick from Struve. Front kick from Struve. Big punch from Barry. Struve has to shake it off. Struve backs him off with front kick. Head kick and knee from Struve. Barry with a flying knee attempt at the end. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 Stefan Struve.

Round 2 Barry lunges inside behind some big punches and staggers Struve. Struve with a high kick. Barry with a combo, ending with a high kick. Leg kick from Barry. Barry checking kicks. Another hard leg kick from Barry. Struve firing jabs. Struve tries to lock in a Thai plum. Barry lands a big right. Struve fires right back. Struve gets a front headlock and goes for a standing d'arce choke. Struve transitions to a triangle. Barry slams him hard. Struve taps him.

UFC Live 6 Results: Stefan Struve defeats Pat Barry by submission (triangle choke) at 3:22 of Round 2.