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UFC Live 6 Results: Anthony Johnson Knocks Out Charlie Brenneman

UFC Live 6 Results: welterweights Anthony Johnson and Charlie Brenneman meet in Washington, D.C.'s Verizon Center in a fight broadcast live on the Versus network.

Play-by-play Round 1 Brenneman shoots in and Johnson stuffs it. Johnson peppering Brenneman with punches from the top. He's holding Brenneman's head down and is firing with uppercuts to the face from below. Knees to the body from Johnson. Johnson spinning around Brenneman's back. Rolls him halfway over and pounds away. Brenneman gets to half guard. Brenneman with a guillotine in half guard. Loses it. Johnson working to get side mount. Johnson stands up. Brenneman is up. Johnson catches Brenneman with a head kick that drops him and the referee Mario Yamasaki suddenly stops the fight. Brenneman is totally furious at the stoppage.

Fans will be complaining about this one. Brenneman was up on his elbows and never lost consciousness.

UFC Live 6 Results: Anthony Johnson defeats Charlie Brenneman by TKO (referee stoppage) at 2:49 of the 1st round.