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UFC Live 6 Results: Matt Wiman Takes War With Mac Danzig

UFC Live 6 Results:  Matt Wiman and Mac Danzig meet in a rematch of their 2010 bout that ended with a controversial guillotine stoppage of Danzig. The fight was the opening fight of the UFC Live 6 (aka UFC on Versus 6) broadcast on the Versus network. 

Play-by-play Round 1 Wiman opens with a leg kick. Danzig locks up an underhook and landing hooks and uppercuts to the body. Danzig pushing Wiman into the cage. Wiman separates. Danzig fires a high kick, Wiman catches it and takes him down. Danzig sitting up against the cage with an arm around the head. Danzig gets a front headlock. Wiman working for a single leg, throwing Danzig around. Danzig landing punches. Danzig ripping into Wiman with punches. Wiman answers back. Standing elbow from Wiman. Danzig gets plum briefly, lands knees. Wiman separates. Head kick from Wiman. Wiman lands a standing elbow. They're trading from the clinch. Danzig goes for a throw from the clinch. Wiman pressing forward behind punches. Danzig ripping to the body. Knee to the gut from Wiman. Danzig gets on his bicycle. Wiman moving forward behind a combo. Danzig landing combos. Wiman with an elbow. Great exchanges! Knees from Wiman. Danzig may be hurt. Wiman shoots, Danzig stuffs it, landing punches on the downed Wiman. They stand. MMA Nation scores it 10-10. Great round.

Round 2 Danzig circling away. More exchanges, Wiman looking to clinch. Danzig spins him around. Wiman lands elbow but eats a combination of punches and elbows. Right from Danzig. Elbow from Wiman. Danzig answers with a combo. Danzig gets a body lock and trips Wiman to the ground. Danzig almost got side control. Wiman quickly gets back to guard. Wiman threatening with a triangle. Wiman switches to an arm bar. Danzig in trouble. Danzig collapses his posture. Danzig escapes. Fires with ground and pound. Wiman in half guard and threatening with a shoulder lock. Danzig fends it off. Danzig hurts Wiman with some punches. Wiman stands up. Danzig pouring it on. They trade elbows. Now punches. Great exchanges. Danzig with a combo. Danzig bleeding. Knee from Wiman. Leg kick from Wiman who's pressing forward. Danzig landing punches. Knee and elbow from Wiman. Elbows from Wiman. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for Matt Wiman. Incredible action.

Round 3 Danzig connects first. Wiman answers. Wiman tagging Danzig. Backs him into the cage and tags him hard. Danzig lands some counters. Wiman pushes him back. Elbow from Wiman. Danzig reverses on the cage. Wiman pins Danzig's arm and begins landing elbows. Danzig gets free and lands a great combination of punches. Wiman attempts a take down. Eats some punches. More great exchanges from both guys. Both men bleeding. Wiman shoots, Danzig stuffs it. Danzig landing punches on a grounded Wiman. Wiman fighting to stand. Danzig climbing on his back. Wiman slides him off. Danzig on his back in half guard. Wiman raining down elbows from top position. Wiman forces Danzig into the cage. Danzig's face looks bad. Danzig stands. Knee from Wiman. Punches from Wiman. Wiman drops for a double. Switches to a single. Danzig drops for a guillotine, has it locked in as the fight ends. MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 for Matt Wiman and the fight 30-28 for Wiman. 

UFC Live 6 Results Matt Wiman defeats Mac Danzig by unanimous decision (29-28 x3).