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UFC Live 6 Results: Yves Edwards Thugs Up Rafaello Oliveira

UFC Live 6 Results: Yves Edwards vs. Rafaello Oliveira meet in a lightweight bout on the preliminary card of UFC Live 6: Cruz vs. Johnson. 

Play-by-play Round 1 Oliveira opens with a high kick. Oliveira attempts to blitz Edwards with a series of hooks. He forces a clinch against the cage. Knees to the body of Edwards. Yves goes for a Thai plum. They separate and again Oliveira forces Edwards back with a barrage of punches. Edwards bleeding. Oliveira slowing down Edwards surges with a punch/kick combo. Oliveira connects on a counter and backs him off. Oliveira charges, Edwards stands his ground and tries to counter. Leg kick from Edwards. Body kick from Edwards. Oliveira lunging forward behind a punch, eats some counters. Edwards with a combo. Oliveira catches a kick. Oliveira shoots, Edwards sweeps. Edwards lands an uppercut. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for Oliveira. He was sloppy and missed a lot of those shots but did more damage and controlled the round. 

Round 2 Edwards lands a left. Inside leg kick. Another. Edwards lands a jab. Oliveira lands a kick. Oliveira charges, comes up empty. Oliveira charging after Edwards. Connects. The pace slows. Edwards hurts Oliveira with a hook. Oliveira falls. Edwards pursues him down, landing shots. Edwards with a knee. Oliveira gets back up! Edwards hurts him again. High leg kick hurts Oliveira and he falls down. Edwards follows him down and lands a torrent of punches. Edwards takes his back, the shots continue to rain down. 

After the fight Edwards tells Joe Rogan, "ultimately I'm just a man fighting in front of a crowd asking them to love him."

UFC Live 6 Results: Yves Edwards defeats Rafaello Oliveira  2:44 of the 2nd round.