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UFC Live 6 Results: Paul Sass Submits Michael Johnson With Brutal Heel Hook

UFC Live 6 Results: Michael Johnson vs. Paul Sass

Lightweight division bout. The Brit Paul Sass owns the record for most consecutive triangle choke wins at 7. Ultimate Fighter veteran is coming in off a win. 

Play-by-play Round 1 Flying knee attempt by Sass. Sass shoots on Johnson off another. Johnson fights him off. Sass shoots in and tries to pull guard but Johnson backs away. Sass lands a straight right. Johnson drops Sass with a punch and a knee. Sass is in trouble. He recovers. Sass stumbles in and quickly tries to pull guard. Johnson tees off before backing away. Sass misses with a spinning elbow attack. Sass drops to guard. Sass goes after a leg. Sass going after a heel hook. Johnson surviving. Sass finishes it and gets the submission. 

UFC Live 6 Results: Paul Sass defeats Michael Johnson by submission (heel hook) at 3:00 of the first round.