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UFC Live 6 Results: Mike Easton Busts Up Byron Bloodworth

Mike Easton vs. Byron Bloodworth meet at UFC Live 6 in a catchweight fight at 138lbs because Bloodworth took the fight on short notice and couldn't make the bantamweight class 135lb limit.  

Play by play Round 1 Easton's unconventional movements in the standing position confuse Bloodworth. Easton forces a clinch, lands some hard knees in the clinch. Easton walking him down, lands a spinning back kick. Bloodworth circling away. Bloodworth misses badly with a spinning elbow attack. Easton with a hard leg kick. Knee to the ribs of Bloodworth. Bloodworth shoots and Easton stuffs it easily. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 Mike Easton.

Round 2 Easton takes a switch kick. Leg kick from Easton. Another. A third. A fourth. Easton pressing forward. Bloodworth in and out with a punch. Easton walking him down. Bad take down attempt by Bloodworth. Easton lands an uppercut. Bloodworth counters. Bloodworth with a flying knee that misses. Easton with another round kick to the leg. Left hook to right leg kick hurts Bloodworth. Again. Easton charging after a retreating Bloodworth. Bloodworth switching stances. Easton failing to cut off the cage. Low blow to Bloodworth pauses the action. Hard inside leg kick goes high and drills the groin. They restart and Bloodworth continues to circle away. Easton showing no respect for Bloodworth's strikes. Easton forces a clinch and Bloodworth reverses him against the cage. Bloodworth drops for a take down, Easton sprawls. Easton landing some high knees. Easton drops Bloodworth with a vicious knee to the body. He follows him down with hard punches and the referee stops the beating. 

UFC Live 6 Results: Mike Easton defeats Byron Bloodworth by TKO (referee stoppage) at 4:52 of the 2nd round.