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UFC On Versus 6 Results: T.J. Grant Impressive Over Shane Roller In Lightweight Debut

A tough break for Shane Roller, but the rules are clear: if the referee hears you welp from pain, that's tantamount to a submission.

The most impressive fighter tonight in this bout, by far, is T.J. Grant. For his first fight at lightweight he looked extraordinarily prepared. He clearly had gameplanned around Roller's guilltone and sweep transitions. Not one attempt from Roller every really came close. Grant was also aggressive with his takedowns and in the middle of transitions kept them moving by continuing to attack position. For Grant to be able to advance position on and hold Roller down was extremely surprising.

Here's our end of the liveblog:

Round 3 Roller landing some punches. Grant answers. Grant going with an uppercut of his own. Grant with a big right hand that busts open Roller's nose. Grant drops for a guillotine. Roller escapes and Grant transitions to an arm bar and the fight is stopped! Roller complains! Replay shows he did not tap. The referee stopped the fight. 

Roller had his wrists locked and could very well have defended that submission. Bad stoppage by Fernando Yamasaki. 

Grant says after the fight that the rules are if you yell out as if in pain while defending a submission that the fight will be stopped. Roller and UFC commentator Joe Rogan object to the stoppage.

UFC Live 6 Results: T.J. Grant defeats Shane Roller by technical submission at 2:12 of the 3rd round.