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UFC Live 6 Results: T.J. Grant Submits Shane Roller?

UFC Live 6 Results: Shane Roller vs.  TJ Grant

Lightweights Roller and Grant meet on the preliminary undercard of UFC Live 6. The fight is streaming live on Facebook. Grant is a former welterweight making his debut at 155lbs. 

Play-by-play Round 1 Grant takes center cage. Roller moving in and out, Grant trying to trap him against the cage. Uppercut from Roller. Grant takes Roller down. Roller gets up and takes full mount. Grant sweeps and lands in side control! Amazing exchange. Grant's on top for a good bit. Roller with an amazing sweep to mount and guillotine. He just misses locking it in tight. Grant escapes. Grant sweeps to top and stands up. Grant gets on top and to side control. Rogan is calling for the Von Flue choke but Grant apparently doesn't know it. Roller rolls to his knees but Grant has his right arm locked with his legs. Grant getting crucifix and landing punches from the top. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for T.J. Grant. Great round of grappling. 

Round 2 Grant scoring with leg kicks. They're trading punches. Grant with a high kick. Grant with an inside leg kick. They trade glancing hooks. Trade straights. Grant puts a series of jabs together. Adds some hooks. Roller shoots and Grant lands a hard knee. Roller puts him down. Grant standing up. They're clinching. Roller with an elbow. Grant answers with a punch. They get into a wild slugfest! Roller drops for a guillotine. Grant escapes. Grant gets side mount. Grant going for a kimura. Roller hides his arm. Roller sits up. Grant with head control. Roller looking for a Grant's leg. Grant spins around Roller's back as Roller attacks his leg. Roller trips him over and gets side mount. Grant gets guard. Great scrambling. Roller going for a guillotine from top position. Grant rolling Roller over. Very strange postiion! Grant nearly gets Roller's neck then transitions to an armbar! It's in deep! Roller is saved by the bell. Incredible round. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for T.J. Grant. 

Round 3 Roller landing some punches. Grant answers. Grant going with an uppercut of his own. Grant with a big right hand that busts open Roller's nose. Grant drops for a guillotine. Roller escapes and Grant transitions to an arm bar and the fight is stopped! Roller complains! Replay shows he did not tap. The referee stopped the fight. 

Roller had his wrists locked and could very well have defended that submission. Bad stoppage by Fernando Yamasaki. 

Grant says after the fight that the rules are if you yell out as if in pain while defending a submission that the fight will be stopped. Roller and UFC commentator Joe Rogan object to the stoppage.

UFC Live 6 Results: T.J. Grant defeats Shane Roller by technical submission at 2:12 of the 3rd round.