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UFC Live 6 Results: Josh Neer Elbows Keith Wisniewski To Shreds

Veteran welterweights Josh Neer and Keith Wisniewski meet in their return to the Octagon after considerable success back out there in the regional circuit.

UFC Live 6 Results:

Play by Play: Round 1 The veteran welterweights come out, meet in the middle and start exchanging. They both fight for a Thai plum, neither gets it. Neer backs Wisniewski into the cage. Wisniewski breaks. Neer landing punches standing on Wisniewski. Neer landing leg kicks. Neer gets Thai clinch. Wisniewski breaks. Neer backs him up into the clinch and starts working body punches. Wisniewski landing knees standing. Neer firing with punches, Keith forces a clinch and backs Neer into the cage. Knees to the body of Neer. Neer reverses the clinch standing. They break with a punch from Neer. Wisniewski grabs the Thai clinch and Neer answers with body punches. Wisniewski with a straight left. Neer counters. They're exchanging well, both men landing. Right hook from Wisniewski. Left hook to Neer's body. Knee from Wisniewski. Neer with a pair of lead uppercuts that both land. They trade combinations. Neer doing better in the exchanges. Great round from two gritty veterans. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 Neer. 

Neer tells his corner, "I think he broke a couple of my ribs."

Round 2 Neer coming forward, landing jabs. Wisniewski already bleeding. Wisniewski forcing a clinch and Neer landing beautiful standing elbows. They separate, then Wisniewski clinches and Neer with more elbows. Wisniewski punching to the body. Neer with more elbows. Wisniewski answers with a hard elbow of his own. Neer sprinking uppercuts and hooks into the mix. Wisniewski countering. Neer with uppercuts. Wisniewski knees the body, punches the body. Wisniewski bleeding badly. The referee stops it for a mouth piece and the doctor checks out Wisniewski. Neer's mouthpiece is trapped in the cracks between the cage and the mat. The crew finds the mouthpiece under the cage. Wisniewski pushes forward looking for a single leg take down. Neer escapes and lands more elbows. Wisniewski with a knee and uppercut elbow. Neer really using elbows well. They separate and Neer landing jabs. Wisniewski forces a clinch. They trade knees. Neer with another elbow, then several jabs as Wisniewski backs away. Wisnewski ducks for a take down and Neer goes for a standing guillotine. The blood is pouring from Wisniewski's head! The bell rings. MMA Nation scores it 10-9 for Josh Neer.

The doctors stop the fight between rounds due to the cut above Wisniewski's eye.  

UFC Live 6 Results: Josh Neer defeats Keith Wisniewski by TKO after 5 minutes of round 2.